Youth Scholarships

The Milton Township Youth Committee was first established in May 2001. Under Illinois law, guidelines are established under which a Township Youth Committee may operate.  We have chosen a plan that encompasses needs not easily met by other programs.

We are eager to assist the youth and students of Milton Township with Youth Scholarship funds to further their access to classroom learning, music, drama, clubs, or sports that could be off-limits due to unaffordability.  Only current or future activities, items or services will be considered, not past events.

Our Youth Committee offers to methods of application for Youth Scholarship funds.  Any resident of Milton Township may apply on behalf of their child and be approved if income criteria is met.  School staff may suggest and facilitate an application on behalf of a student if the student’s family is on the Free and Reduced Lunch program.

We are able to work quickly to assess applications to be responsive to the needs, equipment, items and/or services which would further a student’s learning, connection to school, or develop certain interests.

A professional database, confidentiality and total accountability are hallmarks of our Youth Committee.

These benefits are provided exclusively to Milton Township residents as established by a student’s school enrollment within our Township or a preschool child’s residence in the Township. These guidelines are applied $500 per child per year. All applications remain confidential.  Please call Ronna Johnson at (630) 668-1616, or email [email protected] to ask any questions or request an application.

For Parents requesting Youth Scholarship for child:

  • Child must be under the age of 18 
  • Proof of Residency in Milton Township:  current lease or mortgage statement including proof of subsidized rent if applicable
  • Valid Illinois State ID or Drivers License
  • Medical card listing all individuals in the household or birth certificates for all children living in the home
  • Proof of any and all income for the last 30 days, including but not limited to paychecks, cash payments or gifts, Social Security payments, and child support including bank activity print out (not a statement) for prior 30 days from bank
  • Print out of program in which you wish to enroll child
  • Proof of reduction or scholarship provided by program or camp against balance of cost
  • Completed application with above documents

For School Staff working with a student's family:

  • School District staff must verify with signature on application that student qualifies for Free and Reduced Lunch
  • Parents or guardians must sign approval for application
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