Name Position Email
Andrea Ziemba Administrative Assistant/Deputy Clerk [email protected]
Andrew Deitz Programs Director [email protected]
Assessment Questions Residential [email protected]
Assessment Questions Commercial [email protected]
John Monino Township Supervisor [email protected]
Kim Lund Senior Exemptions & Property Sketch Inquiries [email protected]
Marty Keller CERT Director [email protected]
Patrick Ullrich Accountant [email protected]
Ronna Johnson Director of General Assistance [email protected]
Dave Seznov Executive Director of Food Pantry [email protected]t
Sandy Hilaire Receptionist/LIHEAP [email protected]
Trish Billings CERT President [email protected]
Yadav Nathwani Town Clerk [email protected]
Andrew Ellis Trustee/CMHB Member [email protected]
Daniel Milinko Trustee [email protected]
Jeff Castle Trustee [email protected]
Joe Soto Trustee [email protected]
Gary Muehlfelt Highway Commissioner [email protected]
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