Milton Township Supervisor's Office

Duties of the Supervisor

John P. Monino

The Township Supervisor is the Chief Operating Officer of the Township Board of Trustees, supervising the implementation of the Board’s policies and programs. Supervisor Monino chairs Board meetings, prepares the monthly agenda and is a voting member of the Board.

The Supervisor prepares proposed annual budgets, appoints committees and serves as an ex-officio member of those committees. He is the treasurer of all Township funds and is the treasurer of the Township Highway Commission. He is also the Supervisor of General Assistance for the Township.

About the Supervisor

John and his family have lived in Milton Township for 21 years. He is a proud father of seven children, three of which attend schools in Milton Township. John has been a longtime businessman finding his success in building and operating the real estate company he founded, Infinity Realty, also right here in Milton Township. 

"Together, we will make Milton Township the model of what a Township government should be."

Community and Township Service

Supervisor Monino has filled a variety of roles in the township, helping wherever he was needed since 2008. Prior to being elected Supervisor, John served on the board of trustees monitoring the finances of the township. John believes respect for the taxpayers should be a priority for all elected officials. His goal is to provide the best township services possible without hurting taxpayer’s wallets. John has a passion for the community and serves in a number of roles outside of the township including:

  • Vice President of the Township Officials of DuPage
  • Board of Directors at Lions International Wheaton
  • Volunteer at JUST of DuPage Ministries
  • Volunteer at Northern Illinois Food Bank and other local food pantries
  • Contributing member of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

Business Experience

John is a nationally recognized real estate agent, working with multibillion-dollar hedge funds and banks, he has managed bulk sales, building management, remodeling, and rehab sales throughout the United States. He has partnered with major financial institutions working on foreclosures in the default industry since 1995.

From 2001 to 2004, John worked with Walgreens, CVS, Ace Hardware and Osco on land acquisitions. He served as the Vice President for national Open Door Institute where he managed membership with banks, real estate brokers, attorneys, large contractor firms, and title companies. He has managed over one billion dollars in real-estate and is known for bringing projects in on time and under budget.

John has taken a step back from his real estate career to pursue public service and step up to be Milton Township’s Supervisor.

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