Milton Township Mosquito Abatement

Consolidated Milton /Glen Ellyn Mosquito Abatement District

Mosquitoes, a type of hematophagous arthropod, have long been a source of irritation to man and beast. Additionally, they have been shown to be a significant vector of arborviral diseases, including West Nile virus (WNV), encephalitis (St. Louis & equine) and dengue fever among them. 

In order to help with the comfort and safety of our citizens, we provide a comprehensive program of testing and treatment. Treatment consists of two abatement aspects: larval and adult.

Particularly since the advent in our area of WNV in 2004, much of our program deals with larvicidal treatment of catch basins and other water-based breeding sources (retention/detention ponds, reported standing water and so on). This portion of the treatment programs is particularly important in reducing the impact of culex pipens (Northern house mosquito), the primary vector of WNV.

Spraying – this portion of the treatment program involves district-wide and specific coordinated adulticide applications to reduce annoyance levels as well as to reduce the predicted spikes in WNV activity. We use the latest available environmentally friendly adulticide chemicals and treatment timing is based on mosquito brood predictions  to be timed for greatest effect. Our contractor for abatement is Clarke Environmental. You may receive notifications from Clarke, report mosquito annoyance levels, or report standing water through Clarke’s new hotline portal, https://www.clarkeportal.com/hotline . Formerly a telephone robo-style service, the new ‘hotline’ will send you notification by email or text. If you have further questions (Ex: would like to know what chemicals are in the spray, etc.) please contact Clarke Mosquito directly at (630) 894-2000.

In April of 2019, Milton Township accepted consolidation of the Glen Ellyn Mosquito Abatement District into the Township. This was instituted to garner cost savings and allow for a more comprehensive, coordinated program to serve all residents.

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