We understand that your most recent tax bill received does not accurately reflect the 708 Mental Health Board Levy as it should appear. Please note the overall total for the Township Levy is inclusive of the 708 Board Levy and as a total, this portion is correct. Thank you for understanding and patience as we endeavor to make the necessary changes.


In serving the community since 1850, we are committed to continuing our long heritage of providing service to our citizens as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Milton Township Supervisor

John P. Monino

Supervisor John P. Monino has filled a variety of roles in the township, helping wherever he was needed since 2008. Prior to being elected Supervisor, John served on the board of trustees monitoring the finances of the township. John believes respect for the taxpayers should be a priority for all elected officials. His goal is to provide the best township services possible without hurting taxpayer’s wallets. In addition, John and his family have lived in Milton Township for 21+ years.

Town Clerk

The Township Clerk is clerk for the Township, Board of Trustees, clerk of all Township meetings, and ex-officio clerk for the Highway Commissioner.  

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